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It's no feat to be a lover of the outdoors, it's natural. I simply consider myself lucky enough to still have enough native pursuit left after 22 years of bombardment. Thoreau said "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams." I like to believe that in the adventures of life, both large scale and day-to-day I am keeping my direction "dreamward". 

Directions: Hike, cycle, climb, see, camp, mountaineer, guide, touch, canoe, fish, ski, examine, raft, surf, live.


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On: The Acrobat Climber (Post)

"Done. Plus, I included a video showing a new spin..."

On: The Acrobat Climber (Post)

"I would just like to refute the "easy at home"..."

On: Texts for Treks (Part 1) - Henry David Thoreau (Post)

"Thanks, I will definately look into Sevareid. I'm going to..."

On: Dream Realized Soon Before Skier's Peril (Post)

"I agree, but there seems to be a frantic drive..."

On: True Scenario - Eating Snow Good or Bad for Survival? (Post)

"But at the risk of complete dehydration, I'll keep walking..."

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bruno says:
That's very, very fun-looking.
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Update on Bikers in The Twin Cities

  A week or two ago I posted a news story I had seen on a local news station in the Twin Cities. It was, again, some of the worst journalism I had ever seen. The reporters, who do not understand biking willy-nilly asked unprepared bikers why they had not stopped at a stop sign or light. Today the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote this article that is finally a breeze of clean thinking. Two DFLers...
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Texts for Treks (Part 5) - Edward Abbey

The conclusion of this series culminates here with [one of] the best you-are-there authors fit for being on the trail. These posts were not meant to be in any particular order, but I was always told to leave the best for last. Edward Abbey's pure passion for the outdoors and America's wildest places make one feel as if he is walking the same trail, observing the same canyons, and listening to the same stream as...
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