Voting to Help Fund California State Parks

I hardly ever talk politics, because those conversations don't tend to end well, but here's something I'm totally happy to get behind.  This November, I, along with about 37 million other Californians, will get to vote on whether we should tack on and additional $18 to our vehicle license fees, a surcharge that would go towards funding state parks and wildlife refuges. While I'm never stoked on having to shell out bucks for Uncle Sam,...
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Is WiFi in state parks a good thing?

A couple of weeks ago I found out that Itasca State Park in up state Minnesota has wifi. Slated next on the wifi list is St. Croix State Park. Frankly, I'm jazzed about it. It means I can search for coordinates for new caches not yet downloaded to my GPS. It also means I can still be connected to the outside world. On the downside, it also means I can still be connected to the...
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Minnesota State Park Video Tour

Join Park Ranger Paul Sundberg as he takes us on a tour of some of his favorite state park campsites. (I took the photo pictured above at Split Rock, which is on Paul's list.) If viewer does not appear below, click here.  
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