• GEAR: Bike in a Briefcase

    What every eco-conscious Suit will soon be carrying/riding. No room for TPS reports, however. See more here. Via.

  • GEAR: Folding Bike Complete With Folding Wheels

    Generally the folding aspect of the folding bike ends somewhere at the frame. Not the case with this bike concept from designer Victor Aleman--this one keeps folding at the wheels and breaks down to what...

  • HOW TO: How to Build a Folding Kayak

    This folding kayak is held together with canvas and contact cement, which makes it fold-able. You'll need some stuff to make one. Here's a list: For more information and schematics, visit

  • GEAR: Bergmoench Backpack Bike

    Here's a creative idea--a bike that folds up into its own backpack. Carry the Bergmoench Backpack Bike by Koga up a steep incline, break it back down into bike form and then ride down. Of...

  • HOW TO: Student Invents Bicycle Which Folds Into 26-Inch Wheel Circumfer...

    Check out this cool folding bicycle developed by an English design student. It folds up into the space of the bike wheel's 26 inch circumference, and rolls along for easy transportation:   LINK

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