This is your brain. This is your brain on teenage hormones and Norton Anthology of Nature Poetry.

Spring calling lilies - awake! Lift your slender heads.Rise to the lapping of the duck-skimmed lake, you yawning flower beds.Lift from your heads, o sleepy ones, the cold's impious veil.Unfurl your leaves to the morning sun, your blossoms thin and pale.-me, age 16(an age, I might add, when I refused to actually spend time outdoors- I hated bugs, dirt, grass, leaves, twigs...thankfully I grew out of that)These are probably not lilies, but they sure are pretty.If...
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Bill Gates loves nature, apparently

Two days ago, after months of doing the computer equivalent of slapping Band-Aids on a gaping chest wound, I finally sucked it up and did The Scary Computer Thing I've Been Avoiding For Months: I wiped my laptop's hard drive and reinstalled the operating system. This, as you probably know, means you start all over with the default settings and folders. One of the folders Windows XP sees fit to bestow upon you is "Sample...
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