• GEAR: Off-Trail Bush-Biking With The Russian Chainsaw Bike

    I'm not really sure the back story on this bike, but when you have something as gnar as a Russian chainsaw bike, the picture conveys about all the story you need. I'd love to see...

  • GEAR: Tiny, One-Pound Bike Rack That Fits In Your Saddle Bag

    A few years ago, I made the mistake of shopping for a bike rack. I spent about three hours traveling from store to store only to find that there isn't a trunk rack to fit...

  • HOW TO: DIY Winter Bike Tires--With Zip Ties

    Fritz Rice was a victim of one of this winter' snowpocalypses, and being the intrepid biker he is, he wanted to keep riding through the frozen mess. His solution for maintaining traction? A box of...

  • GEAR: Bike in a Briefcase

    What every eco-conscious Suit will soon be carrying/riding. No room for TPS reports, however. See more here. Via.

  • GEAR: Derringer Cycles

    This gorgeous Derringer hybrid bike/cycle was modeled after 1920's racing cycles. It sports Brooks leather saddles and polished copper rivets. When you need extra oomph, You can engage the bike's engine that'll let you cruise...

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