North Face Intros IPod Jackets

  Certainly not the first iPod jacket release, but the newest just the same, North Face recently introduced the Hustle Audio Jacket (Men's) and Femphonic Audio Jacket (Guess)--I'd buy the latter just for that name alone. The jackets feature wrist controls for an iPod or other music device so you don't have to pull off the gloves, unzip your jacket and fumble around your inner pocket to pump up the volume or skip through songs....
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Dirtbag Diaries: The Reckoning

"Every aspiring photographer dreams of capturing an iconic image. It’s the same kind of motivation that draws young skiers to intimidating lines in foreboding ranges and pulls ambitious climbers to Yosemite. We imagine these moments a thousand times in advance, but when we finally arrive, we are often surprised and humbled. Epiphanies require stumbling.In 2005, photographer, writer and avid cyclist Blake Gordon set out to take the trip of a lifetime.  With camera in hand,...
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What's the true meaning of radical?

The latest Dirtbag Diaries has caused quite a stir among listeners; the episode focused on the story of Chelsea Gerlach, one of ELF members who caused almost $40 million dollars in damage and captured national attention in 1996. "This isn’t a story about heroism. It’s not about glossing over or rewriting one of the darkest moments in the environmental movement’s history. It is about bringing the reflections, voice and story of one of the few...
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