Backwoods Martini: Stainless Steel-Bottled Kru82 Vodka

I was reading a copy of Mountain magazine earlier this week when I came across an interesting ad for KRU82 Vodka. Basically it's a vodka from Wyoming that comes in a stainless steel bottle - it even has a carabiner for that extra outdoorsy cred. The vodka comes in various sizes from 200 ml to 1.75 L, so whatever the size of your journey and drinking habit, there's a KRU82 for you. Here's what the...
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Swiss Army Vodka For Backpacking: Go Wodka Extreme

  Dilemma: Everyone wants some hard liquor on their backpacking trip (how else do you fall asleep on a bed of rocks and twigs after hiking 20 miles up 2,000 feet?), but a frosty, 750-ml Belvedere Bottle takes up way too much space. Solution: Stick vodka in a toothpaste tube and make it as portable as a cell phone. These GO Wodka tubes were made with clubbing in mind, where you need to have your...
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