Gear Around the World: Innovative, Meticulously Crafted Scandinavian Gear

Scandinavia is kind of like Europe's Alaska. It stretches up there above the Arctic Circle and endures the same weird sun patterns that Alaska is known for. Its mountains aren't quite as big or pronounced, but it makes up for it by way of sheer cliffs and fjords. As in Alaska, things are wild and superlative, and the people have a reputation for being chiseled outdoorsman - you kind of have to be if you...
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Epic Trips: Bike/Ski-Touring in Norway

  I just happened across a multi-part blog about ski-touring Norway via bike, which is pretty intriguing. Brian Mohr and Emily Johnson spent the better part of last month biking to and skiing breathtaking lines in the coastal mountains of Arctic-area Norway. They detail their trip over at Wend in a series fittingly called "Two Wheels, Two Planks." It's the type of adventure that many of us dream about and is described in a descriptive,...
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Bus Stop Snow Globes Provide Ski Conditions

  I am officially jealous of Norwegians. These snowy billboards have been put at bus stops in Oslo to let people know when Tryvann Winter Park Resort has freshies. An SMS is sent to the sign when it begins snowing and the sign in turn begins blowing the artificial snow like a snow globe. Another message is sent when the snow stops. These would be pretty sweet in places like Salt Lake City and Denver,...
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