Dakota To Be US Distributor For Quirky Expedition Line

Back at the summer Outdoor Retailer Show, I came across Expedition, a Russian company with a line of whimsical, almost tongue-in-cheek gear. I really liked some of the company's goofier outdoor offerings, but since it was in the new exhibitors pavilion, I feared that it might not get picked up here in the States. Luckily, it has. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught some Expedition offerings at Dakota Watch Co's booth at...
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Expedition Swords For Your BBQ

The OR show is full of gear nerds and tech-o-files that could talk for hours about how they shaved .7 ounces of rip-stop off their tent or moved the zipper by half a millimeter to boost ergonomics. As I walked the floor of the New Exhibitors tent, my head was pretty foggy from all that kind of jargon-heavy tech talk. All of the sudden, out pops a booth stuffed bottom to top with things like...
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