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created on: 10/24/08Tomorrow's Saturday. Time to play. If you have a penchant for trying new things and haven't given slacklining a try, tomorrow's your day to walk the line. It's fantastic for developing core strength and balance skills, not to mention great for just hanging out with friends in the park on a beautiful autumn afternoon.

Building a slackline is easy, all you need is the right equipment and a bit of knot know-how.

Here is a basic video tutorial that walks you through an actual set-up. Follow this up with some more detailed information on how to build your line, and how to make it safe. A typical setup includes:

  • 50 feet (15m) (or more) of 1" tubular webbing for the main line
  • 2 pieces of 10-15 foot (3-4.5m) lengths of 1" (25mm) tubular webbing for the anchors.
  • 5 carabiners (climbing-strength, oval-shaped)
  • 2 pieces of carpet, cardboard or other sturdy material for protecting tree anchors

"Saturday, in the park, you'd think it was the Fourth of July!"

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