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Build A Bamboo Bike Frame.

ddey see me rollin.JPGBamboo, the eternally evident superstar material of the aughts, maintains special properties that allow it to be heat treated with fiberglass or natural hemp fiber, which carmelizes the sugars in the bamboo and bonds the fibers... who knew?

All kinds of folks at Instructables know, apparently, and they've been building bicycles from treated bamboo left and right. Most recently XMan created this design, but he references inspiration "by Brano Meres' excellent Instructable, ayasbek's Instructable, and, of course, Craig Calfee's bikes."

The basic process:

1. Choose materials
2. Design the frame
3. Heat treat the bamboo
4. miter the tubes
5. Tack it all together
6. Reinforce the joints
7. Build up a bike
8. Ride!

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