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Geomate.jr: GPS For the Kids

created at: 2009-07-22

The popular activity of geocaching has kids written all over it. It's basically a treasure hunt using cool, electronic gadgets to get to the treasure. Unfortunately, most GPS units aren't that kid-friendly. Hell, some aren't even that adult-friendly. Solving this glaring disparity, the Geomate.jr allows the child (or adult) to simply turn on the switch outside and get automatically directed to the nearest geocache. Follow the arrow and distance and get your treasure. That's all there is to it: no set-up, no complicated navigation, just simple fun. Additional features include "Cache Hints", which provide information like the size of the cache and how well it's hidden; "Get Lost Proof"--tracking feature guides the user back home; cache log and GPS basics (latitude, longitude, altitude and compass). Works for over 250,000 preloaded geocache locations in all 50 states. Retail is $69.95 and an update kit with newly-added geocaches is available for $24.95. 

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