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More Concept Survival Gear: Real Men Drink Pee Straight Up


created at: 2009-05-06

Debate about whether it's better to drink your own pee or not drink anything aside, one way to be sure you're getting hydrated is to distill and clean your pee. That's what this H2O Water Purifier, designed by Leonardo Manavella, is all about. When you're in the backcountry and the only water source you can conjure up is swishing around in your bladder, pee onto the Activated Carbon and then squeeze that recycled pee right into your mouth. Intriguing, but where exactly was this thing designed to be used? If you're wandering deep in the desert, chances are you aren't going to be carrying a big bulky porta-potty along. However, I will express some props to the designer for providing an excuse to talk about drinking pee--always an interesting conversation. Yanko

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