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Concept Survival Gear: Reborn Survival Kit

created at: 2009-05-05

Although most of us probably won't find ourselves fighting the perils of the choppy seas, just in case, here's an interesting piece of concept gear that would be invaluable. The Reborn Survival Kit, designed by Xue Zhichao, folds up like a baton and contains all kinds of gadgets that would come in handy should you find yourself looking out at an ominous ocean, with no clue of how to get home. Open the kit to reveal a water collection and purification device, a solar-powered stove, a searchlight and a dish antenna. While details are quite fuzzy, as is often the case with out-of-the-box concepts, the device presumably allows you to send as well as receive satellite communictions and includes desalination within the water purification system. Because listening to the latest entertainment news while sipping on a big mug of murky salt water isn't going to save your hide. via Yanko

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