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Smith & Wesson Survival Pen

created at: 2012/03/23

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but if I was in a survival situation, I'd much prefer the sword. Unless the pen happened to be the Tactical Pen by Smith & Wesson. Yeah, that's right, Smith & Wesson makes a pen. And like its other products, this pen is equipped to injur. Its anodized aluminum build includes a hard, pointy end that can be used in a defensive emergency.

Frankly, the idea of a pen that I can stab someone in the jugular with doesn't really appeal to me much - I'd prefer to think I won't need to stab someone in the jugular with a pen. So I'd opt to spend the extra $3 on the Tactical Pen with Firestarter. It doesn't have the sharp aluminum end (just a regular pen tip) but it does pack a small firestarter under its cap, which is probably more useful for wilderness emergencies.

The Tactical Pen with Firestarter retails for $40 and the Tactical Pen without for $37.

Via Wired

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