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Dub box USA Launches Retro Campers

created at: 2012/02/27

Like the idea of traveling the country in an iconic Volkswagen Type 2 van-camper, but don't want the upkeep and maintance expense involved with a 50-year old VW? Consider the new Dub box USA campers a feasible alternative.

Clearly inspired by the early Type 2, the Dub box is a camping trailer that comes in both hard and pop-top versions. It is highly customizeable, and the company said in its press release: "Dub box USA will offer a do-it-yourself model, a completed camper with a selection of finishes, and total customization to build a camper that is uniquely you. The beauty is that it is limited only to the customer's imagination." Customers pick out colors, upholstery, flooring and other options. Prices start at $8,990 for the DIY version.

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