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Build Your Home Base Camp With Outdoor Decor

If you love the outdoors enough, you probably hate leaving them outside. Well, you don't just have to stare longingly out your window, you can dress up the inside with rustic appointments that essentially bring the outside in. While I was at the recent Outdoor Retailer, I came across a couple brands that specialize in that very type of thing.

All Resort Furnishings

created at: 2012/02/02

This is my personal favorite, since I've long wanted to decorate my home with old-fashioned winter sports equipment. All Resort Furnishings specializes in beautiful wood furniture and accessories designed to look like outdoor sports gear. It offers items like toboggan shelves, canoe bookcases and Adirondack ski rocking chairs - the type of things you might expect to find at a rustic backwoods lodge in ski country.

Outside Inside Gifts

created at: 2012/02/02

Rustic furniture will create the structure for that outdoorsy look, but you'll need some small decorations and accessories to really drive it home. Outside Inside Gifts, a GSI Outdoors company, has a whole line of whimsical accessories based on outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, hunting, snowshoeing and camping. It offers more than 250 outdoor-inspired items such as birdhouses, games, ornaments and decorative lights.

Outdoor Photography and Artwork

If you really want to ensure that you don't leave any inner spaces untouched by the beauty of the outdoors, you'll want to dress your walls with outdoor artwork or photography. Personally, I prefer browsing galleries and print shops to see what the local artists and photographers have to offer over shopping the Internet. Any national park base town, ski resort town or outdoors destination town that supports a significant tourist population should have a gallery or two of local art/photography. On a recent trip to Washington, I stopped in the Jones Gallery in Leavenworth and was struck by some of the wildlife and panoramics on display. You can see  these at

Dave Marlaire is a Salt Lake City-area painter and splitboarder that I first discovered in Backcountry magazine. He offers some great action and natural shots inspired by the Wasatch Mountains. He sells both original paintings and prints through his website

If you prefer to showcase your own adventures and views, Easy Canvas Prints transforms your photographs into semi-gloss canvas prints ready to hang. You can easily customize your own with their online tools. A friend of mine used this service recently and was quite happy with the results.

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