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The Hiking Boot-Mobile

created at: 02/01/2012

Photo: Jon Simon/Feature Photo Service for L.L. Bean

Last month, L.L. Bean kicked off its 100th anniversary celebration in a rather odd way. It paraded what it calls the “L.L.Bean Bootmobile" around Times Square in New York City. The boot is "an iconic L.L.Bean visual that represents 100 years of loyalists," according to the company. 

As part of its "Million Moment Mission," L.L. Bean will donate $1 to the National Parks Foundation (up to $1 million) for every visitor that shares his experience with the Bootmobile or general outdoors on L.L. Bean's Facebook, Twitter (#llbean100), YouTube and Anniversary website. The campaign being conducted in partnership with the NPF is aimed at encouraging more Americans, particularly children and families, to get outdoors.




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