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Function Develops Ultralight Backpack Alternative For Skis and Snowboards

created at: 02/01/2012

If you tend to do a lot of inbounds hiking at ski resorts, you may not like the options of wearing a bulky backpack or carrying your board under your arm. I know I don't. Not only can a board get heavy, I've ripped my past two snowboarding jackets because of rubbing metal edges. Still, I don't really like riding lifts with a backpack all day either.

The new Function Ultralight Snowboard Carry System appears to be a great solution. The system is basically a shoulder harness made from nylon webbing. It's like a snowboard backpack without the backpack. The system packs into a palm-sized package that you can slide into your pocket. It's a light, low profile way of carrying your board while hiking.

created at: 02/01/2012

The Function isn't a great solution for full-on backcountry touring, since it doesn't give you anywhere to store a shovel, probe, clothes, water, etc., but Function sees it as good for short hikes around the resort and park laps. I tend to do short, in-bounds hikes a lot, and I could see this being quite useful.

It costs $39, and there's also a ski version for the same price.

If you prefer a backcountry backpack with more substance, take a look at some of the latest options.

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