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Don't Miss Your Chance For $50 Heliskiing

created at: 2012/01/09

Heli-skiing is typically a high-three or four figure endeavor. Unless you're a heli-guide or a brother/soulmate of a heli-guide/pilot, there's no getting around the steep cost of entry. For many, heli-skiing remains a lavish dream.

For the past few years, Silverton Mountain has been making heli-skiing more obtainable with flexible options that cost as little as $159 per run. But considering that you have to buy a lift pass in addition to that $159, it's still arguably a lot of money for a little bit of skiing. You're probably better off just getting the standard lift ticket and hiking for your powder, since Silverton's in-bounds terrain is kind of similar to heli-served backcountry.

This weekend, though, heli-skiing finally gets cheap enough for the masses. Silverton is offering $50 single drops. The drops will be made in the Pyramid Zone, which according to Silverton, has not been skied all season.

Silverton's website says that the promotion is for locals, but Silverton's Aaron Brill clarified in an email, " We don't discriminate and anyone can buy a heli drop [this] Thursday through Sunday."

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