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Road Warrior Atlas 8 Multifunctional Gear Hauler

created at: 2012/01/04

Road Warrior Sports will be launching an all new trailer at the Outdoor Retailer Show later this month. Called the Atlas 8, the trailer is designed to be the versatile workhorse you need to carry all kinds of gear deep into the unknown.

The Atlas basically gives any car the utility of a pickup truck. It offers a carrying capacity of 1,000 lbs. with two compartments for storing your gear. With a weight of 550 lbs., it can be towed by both large and small vehicles.

The Atlas 8 can also be equipped with optional roof racks to haul additional gear like bikes and boats. It can be color-matched to your vehicle to make for a seamless look.

For $5,695, I'd personally rather look into a used camper and/or some roof racks, but this thing looks like a capable hauler. You can get more information at Road Warrior Sports' website.

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