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Satski Builds GPS With Apps


created at: 2011/12/15

I first came across Satski about three years ago. The company makes GPS-based ski resort maps for both smartphones and standalone units.

At first, I found this technology quite intriguing--what could be better than a GPS system guiding you around a virtual resort? But, given that a big resort map is hard to read on a small screen, smartphones are annoying to fiddle around with on the lift let alone a trail, and paper lift maps are free while Satski costs (potentially big) money, I came to the conclusion that this is one of those cool-sounding technologies that's not all that practical in the actual outdoors.

Well, Satski is back with a new system that may or may not be more practical for real outdoors people. The AllSports GPS comes with the new Satski V2.0, which provides resort maps and GPS performance tracking (vert, speed, location, etc.), along with some other features. The AllSports also uses Wi-Fi to allow users to download Android apps from the All Sports App Market directly without the old USB connection. All Sports encompasses a variety of GPS-based sports apps for things like hiking,  golf, biking and geocaching.

This is an interesting product, and I could see the GPS moving toward an app-based model like this. Instead of purchasing a dedicated GPS just for hiking or driving, you could upgrade it with various apps to deliver navigation and performance tracking for all your favorite activities.

It doesn't look like you'll be getting this one for Christmas, as it's still a "Coming Soon" product.

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