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The Brauler: Stainless Steel Growler For Your Drinking Pleasure


created at: 2011/12/13

Certain products may not be all that practical or necessary, but become successful thanks solely to sheer awesomeness. I think the Brauler is one of those products.

I'm guessing "the world's first stainless steel modular growler system" is going to be more expensive than the usual glass growler. And since there really doesn't seem to be a problem with glass growlers, I don't know that a stainless steel version was something the market was really itching for.

Sure, it could save your beer if you accidentally drop it, but if you tend to drop 64 ounces of precious craft brew, you don't need to be drinking anyway(that'll only make you even less coordinated).It also supposedly holds in carbonation better.

The Brauler really isn't about its questionable list of advantages, though. It's about awesomeness. Nothing says awesomeness quite like a huge stainless steel bottle filled with beer. That's fact.

Unfortunately, it looks like this is only available in bulk at the moment, but the website does mention home brewers and consumers as part of its target audience, so hopefully it will be available in singles in the future. And hopefully it starts showing up at some of our favorite microbreweries, too.

Zythos Project via Reactual

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