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Lifetime Guy-Cred Award: Guy Survives Alaska Wilds On Beer (And Probably Weed)

created at: 2012/01/13

Photo: dyobmit

As reported by the Anchorage Daily News  , 52-year-old Clifton Vial became stranded in Nome, Alaska last month after deciding to leave town and see how far north he could drive on a road that doubles as a snowmobile trail in winter. Vial hit a snow bank before he could properly find out and became stranded in the isolated Alaskan outpost. No phone, no food, no blankets-- light, $30 jacket and jeans, family out of town.

With no real food to eat, Vial rummaged through his truck and eventually found a few cans of Coors Light (thought that was more of a Colorado thing). The cans were frozen, but he managed to eat the beer ice as a means of sustenance.

Coors. Friggin. Light. Stuff that in your rucksack, Bear Grylls.

To be fair, Vial was stranded for three days, so the Coors didn't exactly save his life. But at a time when he was using rags and tissue paper to try to stay warm, it undoubtedly delivered an important psychological boost. Eventually, co-workers realized something was up when Vial didn't show to work and rescuers found him after about 60 hours. It appears that he was okay.

The original news story literally says Vial was listening to Pink Floyd's "Echoes" right before hitting the snow bank, so you just know he burned down his stash and thought: "Bro, you should totally go ride that highway till it just stops riding."

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