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Super-Sport Showdown: Mountain Biker Takes On Snowboarder

There's something incredibly intriguing about head-to-head matchups, especially when they only exist on paper. Jordan v. Bryant, Ali v. Tyson, lion v. polar bear--we'll never get to see these head-to-head matchups, but they sure are fun to imagine and analyze.

Well, here's a formerly paper-only matchup that we get to see with our very own eyes: mountain biker v. snowboarder. Both go pretty damn fast, both huck ridiculous cliffs and bomb crazy terrain, and both can ride on snow. So who wins?

A German game show asked the question, did work and got the answer. You can read the whole story on GrindTV, but I'd reckon you just want to check it out, and Grind's story gives away the ending before you even get to the video. Spend about one second deciding who you put odds on, and then hit play:



So there it is. I'd love to see this done on a straight downhill where it would be all balls-out gravity, nullifying the pedals on the bike. I'd also love to see this turn into a series. How about class V kayak v. mountain biker on riverside trail, scooter v. skater on a steep road hill, kiteboarder v. small boat, etc. (Don't try any of that at home, kids).

Also, why do we get stuck with crap imports like American Idol, but not this show? I might have to dust off my 7th grade Deutsch skills and look a little closer at German TV.

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