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Reopening the Old School: Merrell Eagle Origins Boots

created at: 12/05/2011

There's been a small trend over the past few years of companies offering retro, throwback gear as an homage to their origins. Kinda' cool on one hand, but kinda' pointless when you consider just how much gear has evolved from some of the heavy, clunky canvas-type items of yesteryear. Wouldn't a better celebration be putting those decades of experience and knowledge to use in developing cutting edge gear (like a boss)? I think so, but some gear-makers still like to throw it down old school.

The Merrell Eagle Origins proves that retro-styled anniversary gear doesn't have to be old school in terms of features and functions. They roll newer features like anti-microbial mesh, air cushioning and partially recycled materials into an old school package. Enjoy that distinctive old school look with all the benefits of 2011.

If you dig retro boots, check out this recent photo feature on Men's Journal.

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