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Old Problem, New Solution? Twisted Bindings Make Snow-Skating Easy

created at: 2011/11/07

Snowboarders may have been fully assimilated into snow-sport culture, save for three lone US resorts, but they are still outsiders looking in. Most of the ski resort infrastructure was built well before snowboarders were ever a consideration, so it's not necessarily all that board- friendly. The orientation of chairlifts, which require riders to twist their leg, and the prevalence of flat traverses at nearly every resort are two prime examples.

Well, a new binding company thinks that it can solve both of those problems with one binding. A very simple idea, the Twisted Binding allows riders to rotate the front binding 90 degrees so that their toes are pointed straight toward the tip. This would be more comfortable on ski lifts and would also allow riders to skate in a more natural position as they would on a skateboard. Simply pull the pin and rotate your foot until it locks, and you go from riding to traversing in one, seamless move.

Perhaps the best part is that instead of making an entire binding, which would require you to put trust in hardware from an unknown manufacturer, Twisted sells just the base plate. So you can use whatever bindings you like and get the extra maneuverability and comfort of the Twisted system. Solid.

Via Ski Channel

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