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National Geographic's Bucket List '12

created at: 2011/11/01

National Geographic Adventure's print version folded a couple of years ago, and its 'Best Gear' list gets lamer and lamer every time I read it, but the one thing that it has going for it is its Ultimate Adventure Bucket List.

I liked last year's version, and this year's has gotten even better thanks to the fact that it was created by professional athletes. So 'mountain biking New Zealand' was the choice of pro mountain biker Jill Kintner; 'a climbing odyssey in Southeast Asia/Australia' was the choice of Alex Honnold, etc.

Additionally, each athlete selects a "dream trip," which appears to be a trip on his own bucket list and a "must do trip," which is a location he can describe from experience.

These are people that get paid to do their thing in exotic places all over the world, so they have some pretty good insight into the matter. The list is definitely full of more exotic, lesser known destinations/activities thanks to this fact.

Check out the full list at NGA.

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