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Wireless Bike Brakes

created at: 2011/10/31

Bikes of the future could look a lot different if wireless brakes ever catch on. The brakes, designed at Saarland University in Germany, cut out the cables and brake levers for a wireless electronic system that sends a braking signal to the pads when you squeeze the grips.

My first thought was that the elimination of cables and brake levers could save a lot of weight, but looking at that bulky wireless hardware, I'm not so sure. Also, it seems like nuance of braking would be lost with the grip system--I'd think you'd be prone to all-out braking even in situations where you just wanted to tap the brakes to corner.

It may not be an issue because the bike brake system is being used more as a test bed for train and airplane wireless brakes, and doesn't appear to have any commercial potential in itself.


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