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Preseason Stokage: Jeremy Jones' "Further" Trailer

created at: 2011/10/06

"Deeper was child's play compared to this one." That quote is rattling my brain after watching the new trailer for Further,  the second in the Deeper, Further, Higher snowboard trilogy. Further won't come out until next year, but I'm definitely psyched already.

Deeper was definitely not like any child's play I've ever watched, so there's certainly madness in store. True to its name, Further centers around shredding lines in some of the most distant locales on the planet, including the High Sierra, the Arctic Circle and the Pickett Range, a distant, rugged part of the Cascades. Plus it features a deep lineup of riders that includes the legendary Terje Haakonsen.

No embed feature on the video, but you can check it out at Teton Gravity Research.

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