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Ladies Like it Tiny and Thin

created at: 09/22/2011

No, not that. We refer, of course, to wallets.

These days, small, dainty purses seem in vogue (at least from the three cumalitive seconds I've ever spent paying attention to purses), so it follows that the wallet should be equally small.

A few months back, I did a review of ALL-ETT's super-slim rip-stop wallet. I love the thing, and it's my ideal wallet--enough storage space for the essentials (cash, credit card, license) without all the bells and whistles creating an awkward bulge.

Now, ALL-ETT has announced a line of light, compact wallets for the ladies. As you might expect, these are a little more stylish than the men's line, adding elements like zippers, snap closures and wrist straps. They still stand true to the small, lightweight ethos.

Check out the full line of women's wallets.

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