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Human Rag Doll: Bike Hucking Without The Huck

As I sit here typing this, I'm reminded of the fact that I should be about three-quarters of the way through Porcupine Rim about now. You see, I had a Moab biking trip planned since last spring. Then one of my buddies--and the organizer of the trip, as it were--decided to go out and get in over his head at the bike park a couple weeks ago. He ate dirt, broke his collarbone, and now I'm sitting here working instead of enjoying views of the Castle Valley.

So, when I read the video header "Epic Bike Fail" on this very day, I knew I'd have to post it in his honor. This one's for you, Dave!

(Oh yeah, and it's a pretty epic fall-n-flip that just happens to be located in Utah.)


Via Adventure Journal

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