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Midland's Wearable Hi-Def Cam Sets A New Standard For Small and Light


created at: 2011/08/09

I didn't think it was possible, but someone has managed to make Contour's wearable action cams look a little large and clunky. Not that I'm saying Midland's new wearable cam is better, but it is smaller.

Midland, a company that you typically see in relation to radios, hit the wearable action cam market for the first time last spring, and has now launched a full-HD 1080p cam. The XTC300 shoots 1080p at 30 fps and 720p/480 at 60 fps. It has 140 fegrees of viewing angle and mounts on a variety of equipment including handlebars, helmets and goggles.

At a claimed 3 ounces, it nixes Contour HD's (4.3 ounces) claim of "smallest, lightest, hands-free video camera in the world." The small, simple camera looks like a player. It is available now for $250.

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