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Downhill Scootering With Ortovox


created at: 2011/08/08

Primarily known for its winter line of avalanche gear and clothing, Ortovox hit this year's Outdoor Retailer Summer Market with a buzz-worthy piece of gear that it calls the MountainSkyver. Essentially a bigger branded version of the Bergmoench Backpack Bike we covered several years ago, the Skyver is designed to fold into Ortovox's Trail Rider 20 backpack. There's no drivetrain, so the idea is that you hike up and bike down--kind of backcountry skiing with wheels. Depending upon the terrain you're looking at, this could either prove really fun or really frustrating.


created at: 2011/08/08

The Skyver will come in three flavors including a lightweight (16.7-lb.) Speed version with carbon components, rubber rear shock and rigid fork, and a full-suspension "Trail" version. The tires are 16 inches in back and 20 up front, and all models come with front and rear disc brakes. Prices run from $1,299 for the Skyver Race to $1,999 for the Skyver Speed. Add an additional $125 for the purpose-built backpack.

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