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One More Function For Gerber Multi-Tool: Camera Tripod


created at: 07/21/2011

So it looks as though a Gerber exec was fiddling around with his Skeletool at a board meeting one day, when he had a thought: 'This thing could totally make an makeshift tripod!" And thus, the Steady was born.

I don't really know if that's how it went, but it sounds pretty likely. The Steady features two legs that turn it into an impromptu tripod perfect for a group shot of your buddies or a steady photo of the cirque-of-the-day illuminated perfectly by the evening glow. It works with point-and-shoots, cell phone cams and DSLRs.

Gerber hasn't detailed too much of the Steady beyond the tripod, outside of saying that it has 12 implements and a blade. It goes on sale next year with a MSRP of $65.

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