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Survivalist Jewelry: Swiss Army Necklace

created at: 07/18/2011

For years, Swiss Army knives have been the ultimate go-to/back-up multi-tools. But that weight and bulge in your pocket really makes Swiss Army knives something that you need to purposefully pack. You probably have one on hiking and camping trips, but what if you suddenly have to strip some wire or cut some rope in the middle of your office? You're probably SOL, that's what.

Unless, of course, you buy yourself a piece of Wenger's new HypeX jewelry. Wenger, one of the two manufacturers of Swiss Army knives, offers several new necklaces with vital functions. The Pietra pendant, for instance, features dual-sided design with a sharpening stone on one side and a flint on the other. The Ridge (pictured) gives you several different hex wrenches, along with a bottle opener and wire stripper. The Whug is a wooden pendant that doubles as an emergency whistle and pair of tweezers.

Okay, they don't quite take the place of a full multi-tool, but there's definitely something cool about a necklace that can start a fire or strip wire. These should be available in a couple months.

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