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Columbia Keeps You Cool With "Omni Freeze ICE"


ccreated at: 06/24/2011

Columbia is in the midst of a product renaissance, aiming to build its brand from "bargain bucket" to "technilogical guru" in terms of outdoor gear. We saw the first signs of this transformation last fall in winter gear, and now the company has some interesting summer clothing.

Shown earlier this month at a 2012 product preview, Omni Freeze ICE is a new fabric that uses your sweat to keep you cool. Okay, yes, your sweat keeps you cool no matter what, but the fabric expands upon simple evaporation, using a chemical treatment to actually lower the temperature of the fabric and deliver a cooling sensation on hot, sweaty summer days. It sounds a little like Grabber's cooling mandana, only for your entire torso.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait another year for this fabric, as this was a 2012 product preview. But it looks promising and I'm hoping to test it out.

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