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Helly Hansen Navigare Sneaker--WTF??!


created at: 2011/06/10

Usually I'm a pretty big fan of Helly Hansen gear--something romantic about outerwear inspired by the frigid Norwegian seas. So I was downright downtrodden when I opened my email a few minutes ago to find a little message titled "Introducing the Navigare Sneaker." I wouldn't say I had high hopes, but I thought maybe it'd be cool.

As you can see, it's not cool. Not by a long, long shot. It's a friggin' pair of Chuck Taylors with a huge Helly Hansen tattoo on a jean pocket. What the hell is that thing? Helly says it was inspired by a design icon--its orange Navigare life vest. I say it was inspired by Converse All-Stars and Levi 501s.


You can get yours for $70, if you like the look. They come in black and white too.

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