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Dude Trips! My Guy Trip Helps You Plan The Perfect Bro-Cation

Wow. If you ever find yourself so much as muttering the words "mancation" or "reconnecting with the guys," lock yourself in a room and don't travel anywhere for a minimum of five years.


created at: 2011/04/05

If, after that time, you decide that a mancation or bro reconnect was a good idea after all, My Guy Trip's got your hook-up. A travel company designed to set up male-bonding-style trips above and beyond just the average bachelor party, the service sets up bro-ventures that include activities like skydiving, rock climbing, surfing and survival. And, quite possibly, a lot of uncomfortable touching and snuggling.

Sorry, but the only thing lamer than calling it a mancation is outsourcing the planning to someone else. Isn't part of being a self-respecting man handling the logistics of your own vacation/outdoor adventure?

But if you're rich and busy, or just metrosexual, and live in the San Fran Bay area, consider seeing what My Guy Trip can do for you. Hopefully it ends up better than Dude's Night Out.

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