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A Better Spork From Light My Fire


created at: 2011/01/31

As a kid, it doesn't take long to realize that the spork is the worst combination in the world. Poke your tongue one time when eating cafeteria apple sauce and you learn two things: cafeteria apple sauce is gross and the spork isn't user-friendly in the least.

But the Light My Fire Spork puts the fork and spoon on seperate ends, so you don't have to worry about impaling the inside of your mouth. This version even includes a knife edge on the side of the fork, giving you access to an entire table setting in one plastic or titanium utensil that weighs under half an ounce.

At Winter OR, Light My Fire launched a SporkCase to keep your Spork clean in even the dirtiest of packs, but I was more impressed with the Spork itself.

You can find the plastic version of the LMF Spork for under 5 bucks.

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