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Flying Knives: PocketToolX TSA-Compliant Multi-Tools


created at: 01/24/2011

Tired of getting pulled out of the airport security line because of your simple (but banned) Swiss Army Knife? Consider switching your traveling multi-tool to a PocketToolX Piranha. The handy, flat multi-tool eliminates the sharp edges of other multi-tools so it's TSA-compliant. You'll lose the blade, but you'll get a box ripper, scraper, screwdriver bits, 1/4-inch hex wrench, box wrenches and a bottle opener, among other tools. The toothed "piranha" part is a series of wrenches that allows you to simply slide on the bolt to find the right size.

In addition to the general Piranha, PocketToolX also makes more sport-specific tools like the Mako Bike Tool.

The Piranha will run you $49 or $59 and the Mako will run $69. Unfortunately, the Piranha models are all coming up "backordered" as of printing.


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