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Supercollar Packs The Leash Right Into the Dog Collar


created at: 2011/01/18

My wife and I tend to take turns walking the dogs. And what this means for any given evening is that I often have no idea where in the hell the dog leashes are. Her idea and my idea of where to put the leashes often varies. And that means on top of the not-always-rewarding job of walking the dogs, I have the additional job of finding the leash. You'd think that the dogs could help in this undertaking, but they're always too busy scratching themselves or running around crazy because they know walk-time is near.

Well, the Supercollar solved my problem by integrating a leash right into a collar. Now there's no way to misplace the leash. The Supercollar includes two steel cables built right into the collar that provide up to three feet of lead length. The collar is designed for medium to large dogs (20 to 90 lbs.).

I'd love to see a little more than three feet of length, and I'd love to see a more durable collar (my labrador is pretty close to the 90-lb. mark), but this definitely sounds like a clever idea. I'm hoping to get one to test out with my dogs.

$40 at Amazon.

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