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Ski Rover! The Skizee Makes It Easy


created at: 01/07/2011

Tired of staring at the snow-covered flats of the Midwest with no mountains in sight? Bring a little ski action to your neck of the woods with the Skizee. It's like a mini-snowmobile and you serve as the front ski. Grab the handles, start up the 10-hp engine with the handle-mounted electric start and tear those flats as if they're pointed 45 degrees.

I'm not usually a fan of things like this, but the home-page video of a dude slicing through the trees was pretty sick.

A couple complaints, though. First, something this rad should be called the Steezy Skizee. Second, it costs $2,500, which just seems way to expensive for such a novelty product (couldn't you just get a used snowmobile for that kind of price?). Third, I'm not on one. You guys have test samples?

The vid says more than words can:

Via The Ski Channel

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