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Suit Up Ninja! Innovative Base Layering For Winter Sports


created at: 12/22/2010

Here's a little something I came across in preparing to attend the Outdoor Retailer: the Airblaster Ninja Suit. Designed for outdoor adventures like skiing and snowboarding as opposed to hand-to-hand combat, the Ninja Suit is the perfect base layer to wear underneath your Bognar one-piece, because it too is a one piece.

Only it's a little cooler than the brightly colored fart bags that you sometimes see at your local resort. We're talking a one-piece, hooded, long underwear garment designed to keep you warm and comfortable throughout all your winter pursuits.

The standard Ninja Suit is made from four-way stretch, wicking Air-Tech material (some sort of polyester blend, I'd imagine) and there's also a 100 percent merino model. There's even a sweet, tongue-in-cheek model designed to look like naked flesh wrapped up in tightie whities. You get in and out via a full, front zip, and there's also a fly for those on-the-hill yellow-snow moments and a 350-degree waist zipper for deuces. Prices start at $110.

It looks warm and funky, and I must admit, I kind of love it.

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