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Survivorman: The Knife


created at: 12/22/2010

Helle Fjellkniven

Sounds like a great name for a movie doesn't it. I'd watch. No such luck though.

Bear Grylls recently launched an affordable survival knife by way of Gerber, and now his old peer at the Discovery Channel, Les Stroud is set to launch an answer.

Les recently teamed up with the bad-ass-sounding Helle, a Norway-based knife company. According to Stroud, or perhaps the PR guy that was whispering in Stroud's ear:

"When I was young I found a knife on the ground while canoe tripping in Temagami, Ontario. It was an awesome knife that sharpened easy and felt great in my hand. I used it for years until one day, sadly, the wilderness claimed it back. It was a Helle. I don't play Survival - I live it for real... I don't want anything fancy - nothing with a flashlight in the handle or a compass on the side. Just solid, real and durable.....quality. A knife you can actually use in the wilderness."

Well that sounds about right: with Grylls you get a flashy, bright-orange knife with all kinds of tricks (flint, whistle, etc.) and with Stroud, you get a humble, simple knife that just gets the job done.

Fittingly, the knife is called Temagami.

No pictures of this one just yet, but we'll update when we get them (should be early next year).

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