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Will These Survive Your Local Trail: Teva Sandal High Heels


created at: 12/03/2010

Well apparently this week is all about awkward lady products. A day after I came across Hoo Ha cream, I came across these sandal stilettos. Yes, the breezy comfort and support of sandals with the sultriness of a high heel. A team-up between Teva and Grey Ant (don't know that one, don't care) produced these awkward hybrids--kind of sporty, kind of sexy, all kinds of useless.

I'm not sure I can imagine where these $330 shoes would ever come in handy. The sandal straps and visible rubber outsole don't exactly say "corporate power meeting" and the big heel in the back isn't exactly going to cut it on even the flattest, smoothest trail. But I've seen enough E! to know that some gals don't buy shoes to be worn.

And for us guys this pic is a winner:


created at: 12/03/2010

New High Mart via The Goat

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