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Hoo Ha Ride Glide: Great Name, Less Chafage On Your Little Lady


created at: 12/02/2010

Sometimes a product has such a fun, whimsical name that I'm just forced to write about it even if it's uncomfortable. And writing about anti-chafage vagina cream is certainly all kinds of uncomfortable. But that's okay; lady cyclists need it and it's called "Hoo Ha Ride and Glide." We all win.

Like many other outdoor activities, cycling is pretty male-driven and products generally reflect that. Apparently some ladies were a little less than comfortable with male-designed chamois cream. I can actually relate, I'm a little uncomfortable with the mere thought of greasy, glistening, creamy balls myself.

According to the company, "They [the lady folk] searched high and low and only found a cream for nuts….a woman’s needs are different, so they created HOO HA RIDE GLIDE."

Formulated for ladies by ladies, the cream protects you from bacteria, chafing, sores and other cycle-saddle-born nasties.

So guys, if you have a cycle-obsessed gal on your list, throw a tube of hoo ha cream in her stocking this year. Because her chafing ain't doing you any favors either.

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