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Fast New Way to Bankruptcy: GearBurger


created at: 09/21/2010

As someone that buys his fair share of outdoor sports gear, I've learned one valuable lesson over the years: sales and steep discounts cost me more than retail prices. That's because when I see a piece of gear (or garage full of gear) on sale, I immediately want it, even if I don't really have any use for it whatsoever. Even if I have 10 brand-new versions the exact same thing sitting in my closet. The justification threshold needed to pull the trigger on an item that is 60 percent off is just so much lower than that needed to buy something for full price. So it's wasting money in the name of saving it.

With that said, read on at your own risk.

GearBurger is a new site that monitors a number of the major outdoor gear sites including Altrec, Backcountry, Evo, Moosejaw and REI for deals and lets you know about them when they come up. It monitors something like 30 individual sites altogether. You can personalize the site with what type of gear and brands you're looking for, sit back and never miss a key sale again.

This is a great tool if you're looking for something particular and want to find it on sale. On the other hand, if you don't need anything in particular and choose to do it anyway, good luck on saving for retirement. Check it out at

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