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Chinese-Style Tent Light Adds Ambient Ambiance


created at: 08/12/2010

While I've heard of Snow Peak before, I wasn't that familiar with their line until I spent a little time at their booth at Outdoor Retailer. Turns out, they offer a pretty stylish line of Orient-inspired gear like bamboo tables and backcountry chopsticks.

One product that immediately caught my attention was this Hozuki Lantern.The Hozuki functions both as a hanging tent lantern and as a candle-style table light. For the latter, it even includes a candle mode, which lets it mimic an actual candle by flickering in the wind. It includes a mini USB connection, which can serve as an alternate power supply.

I've seen a few tent lights in my day, but none of them looked as good  as this one. Then again, they didn't cause 90 bucks either.

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