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Bamboo Bottle Combines Everyone's Two Favorite Green Concepts


created at: 08/03/2010

You know that water bottles have officially turned into fashion accessories when manufacturers start making them out of random materials like bamboo just so that they look cool. The Bamboo Bottle clearly fits the bill, as the bamboo exterior makes for a striking H20 caddy. Since bamboo probably wouldn't hold water too well on its own, the Bamboo Bottle features a glass core that actually holds the water.

I gotta say, I prefer glass bottles over plastic, and the bamboo seems like it'll protect the glass from breakage, so I'm a fan of this bottle no matter how egregiously eco-geeky it is. The bottle is also dual-function, allowing for both hot and cold beverages, with the bamboo taking on insulation duties. And, best of all, you can unscrew both the top and bottom and remove the glass completely, making cleaning by hand and dishwasher easier.

25 bucks seems like a reasonable price for such a showy, 17-ounce bottle. Find it now.

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